domingo, 24 de março de 2013


(...) ' Sometimes,all that she wish inside herself is disappear. Love hurts,we know,but can someone forget the scars of your own memory??
Sad,but true.
She is dying alone and realized about your life,every mistake, every tear this week made she feel like Emily Fields,who no one understand or think about her feelings.

Run away isn't the right choice but look so appropriate now...
Dry your eyes, baby...You deserve a constelation and I still dare keep you, I still dare keep you with me. '
Missing Ana, but maybe she is tired about this poor little girl who not always see herself like a real complete woman
...There are too many reasons,but why talk about it ?? It doesn't make any difference darling..
Come on baby, dry your eyes..Believe in yourself,because you know,even you're not sure about it,but you really have what it takes.

So go for what u want and never let nobody take you down.'

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  1. Flora, saudades de ti!
    Sabe sino falta dos seus comentários e dos post!

    Espero que esteja bem!